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Throughout the year Dracorubio provides workshops and masterclasses in Photoshop especially catered to enhance your photoshop skills. 

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October 22 - 2016

MasterClass Photoshop

Workshop Outline: Learn to take your images beyond reality and use photoshop in a creative ways. Under the guidance of Dracorubio you'll learn how to use brushes and textures to create fire and magic and add detail to you image.

You'll also learn to look at your image and see where the balance is, what needs to be added and how your composition can improve with color and texture. For the workshop I'll be doing a few edits as an example, and you'll be able to see me tackle some tricky editing. You'll learn to use custom brushes, textures and adjustment layers in Photoshop to aid in telling an awesome fantastical image. You'll leave the workshop with a renewed knowledge of making a compelling image, the use of brushes and textures and a good sense of producing an amazing shot, either for artistic purposes or for commercial work.

location: Amersfoort, The Netherlands

date: October 22 2016

price: € 149,- ex.  btw

more info and booking:

October 29 - 2016

Zombie Photoshop Workshop (UK)

Halloween Zombify Yourself Photoshop Workshop with Dracorubio at Amersham Studios

Ever felt your photoshop retouching skills only went skin deep? Don’t worry, we got you covered. In this workshop we’ll go deeper then skin, all the way to the bloody bone, grit and grime and all. Lets release your inner monster and learn all about creating that perfect rotting skin in Photoshop, layer it with some bloody bones, and top it off with some beautiful and gory dead eyes. Lets have some Halloween fun during this Zombie Photoshop Workshop.

Is this for me?

This workshop is ideal if you want to gain valuable insight and skills into creative photography, compositing, and photoshop, or just want to create an awesome ZOMBIE SELFIE or Social Media profile picture for Halloween. You will need to bring a camera and a have basic understanding of how to use it, will ideally have used photoshop and understand basic concepts such as layers. You will need to bring a laptop with photoshop installed, power cable, mouse and Wacom if you use one. You will have the opportunity to shoot and put you new found skills into practice.

location: Amersham Studio's, Amersham , UK

date:  October  29 - 2016

price: £299,-

more info and booking:

November 26 - 2016

Horror Photography Workshop with Clinton Lofthouse

Workshop Outline:

in the night of 26 to 27 November, Dracorubio teams up with renowned UK photoshop artist Clinton Lofthouse to bring you an amazing all night Horror photography and photoshop workshop. 

We'll be shooting at night in a fun location with models and props. You'll be given time to create your story with the tools we present and then alter your images in Photoshop 

This workshop will take place in the night, so be sure to get plenty of rest, as we'll be chasing ghosts till morning.

You'll need your camera and preferably a laptop with Photoshop installed.

We'll provide lamps, models and props for you to use. 

and don't worry, coffee will be plentyly available ;-)

location: De Stad van Cahen, Amersfoort

date: November 26-27 - 2016

price: € 239,- ex BTW

more info and booking:

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