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two weeks ago I was confronted with my data in a hard way. My large storage device “Drobo” refused to operate after I upgraded it with another 2TB drive. The drive became unresponsive and after a while it did came back giving me the opportunity to retrieve some data…since this was my largest storage device I had to make sacrifices to the data I could retrieve, so I had to delete all my movies, series and software I had collected over the years. Luckily I did manage to backup my photography work.

That same week my laptop died and it has been sent back to Apple for repairs.

Fortunatly I do hold regular backup sessions, but it’s still a hassle and I’m once again aware that all data is fleeting, and no storage medium is safe from harm. Photo’s can burn, disk drives will fail…it’s time holographic data crystals are made…at least they seem stable enough….