Compositions - Dracorubio
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Mad Professor

"The professor's experimentation finally payed off, when his clones came to life after he infused them with the meteorite extract he obtained from the island. Even though their fleshy lifespan was short, they where obedient and destructive. Soon the unstoppable clone army ravaged the lands..."


This was a long overdue project I fiannly finished. I shot Coen in summer 2012 and have been working on this image ever since, cutting out poses and compositing them. I started with a square composite, and it just didn't sit right, nothing I did made the composition better. Then I decided to stretch the image to a wide version and everything fell into place. This will be part of my superhero/villains series I'm building

Photography and edit: Dracorubio

Model: Coen van der Steen