Compositions - Dracorubio
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Renee Robyn visited a while ago, and she's always game for a picture. Next to being an amazing photographer, photoshop wizard and friend.
We had one day together and we had a nice brain picking day planned, with lots of fun. Due to an allergic reaction to my non-allergic cats, she got a bad reaction in her eye, which ended us for hours at the intensive care. Her eye was so swollen it could pop, which it didn't luckily, and we waited for hours before we saw a doctor who gave her something for her eye.
Renee was being a strong puppy, so we managed to spend the waiting time planning a concept (which is still being developed for later viewing pleasure)
After we returned home, we made our way to my studio and shot our concept pictures, and I just had to take one of her to make this image, where I celebrate her awesomeness and bravery. She is one bad-ass-cyborg-woman-friend I like to hang out with!! ...just not with cats.

Photographed with Olympus EM10 - f/10.1/160.ISO200
Model: Renee Robyn
Edit: Dracorubio