here's a list of hardware and software I work with and that might benefit you too! Some can give you discounts, other support me and my art, either way its a win-win for all of us.

Have fun shopping!

Skylums software in particular Luminar is a photo editor and library tool. I use Luminar mostly to play with the AI settings which are fast and phenomenal. Its crazy what AI can do to an image and Luminar is utilizing some crazy magic to enhance your images. With Luminar 4 coming soon, it will take a lot of tedious masking out of Photoshop. Certainly a tool to keep on. 

Next to my regular camera gear I do love taking pictures with my smartphone. Over the years I've tried and tested multiple lens-options to accompany my smartphone, and most of them where fine, but just didn't cut it. I finally made the jump to Moment Lenses and was amazed by their quality! The build is sturdy and the glass is solid! I added a case to my iPhone whit a lens fitting so my lenses are always centered correctly. Its definatly worth the investment! And you get 10% off using the link button.

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