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Throughout the year Dracorubio provides workshops and masterclasses in Photoshop especially catered to enhance your photoshop skills. 

Find your workshop on this page.

March 3 2018 - Utrecht Workshop

Visually Enhanced Portraits and Epicly Styled Compositions in Photoshop.

Can't make it to New York? You're welcome to join me in Utrecht - The Netherlands for an equally epic Photoshop workshop.

You’ll learn how to master different editing techniques like and many more like


Color grading


Dodging & Burning

Layer Masking

Using Textures

Using Brushes

Luminosity Masking

Cleaning up Skin for portraits

Third-Party Plugins

Proper Liquifying

Acquiring Stock Footage

A comprehensive guide of tools within Photoshop and external ones to help you get quick and epic results. We’ll be shooting a live model for composites and you’ll have the opportunity to shoot along and edit your own images and story.

€ 199,- (ex VAT/ incl. Lunch Coffee etc)



Atoomweg 280A

3542 AB Utrecht

Date & Time

Saturday, March 3 2018 



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